Summer Camp Namibia: Third Week (17/02-23/02)

Monday 17/02/2020

As a start of the new week we all came together to reflect on our two cases that we are working on in the following days. We talked about their activities, their challenges and possible solutions and were brainstorming together. After a short summary and discussion of the cases we then divided into two smaller groups to work on these challenges more focused.

Tuesday 18/02/2020

This day was packed with group work on the cases. The groups decided on what they will focus on these days. So there were subgroups created such as financing, market research, concept or construction plans. Finally we prepared a presentation for a little challenging shark tank where our ideas were reviewed critically and where we got some challenging questions we had to answer to test our ideas.

Wednesday 19/02/2020

This day was reserved for a whole Group work day on the cases. All the subgroups have worked and researched on their topics and talked to Nancy and Sacky to make sure their ideas go into the right direction. For instance for Agua Greens we started to develop a concept on how tourism could get integrated into her business concept to also get funding and we also thought about a crowdfunding campaign for Nancy. Furthermore, we started with a construction plan for her land and researched on other aguaponic system concepts to get to know the market and opportunities. 

Thursday 20/02/2020

Thursday started with another challenge session and presentation of our group work progress. This was also helpful to get feedback and incorporate it into the work. After this , we had an interesting input from Dr. Maria Risa Lirini from the University of Cape Town about Ethics and responsibilities of development approaches aswell as ICT4D. So we had some useful reflections on the critical aspects of development cooperation and also on how integrate Ethics when it comes to ICT4D. In the evening we also had another interesting presentation from Annika about Gamification in Sustainable Tourism. Thank you Maria and Annika!

Friday 21/02/2020

To proceed with the group work we went on with our work on the cases and our subgroups. In the evening we all came together to get some more feedback on the progress and to have some nice reflections at the beach.

Saturday and Sunday 22/02/ – 23/02/2020

This weekend we had some free time to relax or to do some nice activities such as surfing, acro yoga, ecological sound biking tours and finally we came all together to spend our last evening in Swakopmund together to have some nice barbecue and reflect on our time here.