About us

„In addition to integrating across fields, sustainability must also be integrated across sectors or interests. It is clear that governments alone have neither the will nor the capability to accomplish sustainability on their own. The private sector, as the chief engine of economic activity on the planet, and a major source for creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, must be involved in trying to achieve sustainability.” (Robinson, 2004)

We thus work in an inter- and transdisciplinary project that focusses on Yields of Evocative Entrepreneurial approaches on Environment and Society (YEEES). We especially elaborate on the resilience of cities and peri-urban areas, while focusing challenges in the different aspects, e.g agriculture, health and transport/mobility. Our project connects universities from Germany and Southern Africa: Mozambique Namibia and South Africa. The above mentioned topics will be addressed in both research and teaching through two interconnected centers: The YEEES Research Center and the YEEES Training Center, both seen as international networks.

The YEEES project fosters the development of innovative entrepreneurial approaches, as e.g. the founding of sustainability start-ups and organisations in a variety of fields. Future change agents should be capable to identify and exploit opportunities for creative and innovative or “imovative” solutions. Our work supports the development of skills and mindsets that lead to such entrepreneurial behavior. We also contribute to a broad and strong German-African cooperation in various ways, allowing mind changing experiences, which on short and long term perspective, enable people to contribute to sustainable change.