YEEES Research Center Digital Colloquium

This is the registration form for the YEEEES Research Center Digital Colloquium – open to all research fields!

You can register if you are interested in joining a research group of YEEES. Join our kick-off-meeting in which we introduce ourselfves and possible group topics. The kick-off-meeting will be held the 28th september 2020, 14:00 – 16.00 pm, CEST. After registration, you will be automatically added to our learning platform. (Sender Email: Admin User via YEEES Learning Platform. We will add you to our general group where you find further information about our kick-off-session).

The research group “Ecovillages & resilient lifestyles” is already established and had its first meeting on september 23rd 2020. You can of course still join the group and participate in their next session. Please klick on ecovillages and resilient lifestyles on the research fields below (of course you can click on more). You are happily invited to join our kick-off-session as well.

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