YEEES Research Center Digital Colloquium

This is the registration form for the YEEEES Research Center Digital Colloquium!

You can register if you are interested in joining a research group of YEEES. In the course of the colloquium and after our kick-off-session on 28th september 2020, these research groups have officially been formed.

1) Ecovillages and resilient lifestyles – Dr. Anne Schwab, Taisa Mattos, Dr. Rebeca Roysen

If you are here, because you want to register for the third session of this research group (on 25th November 2020), you are automatically registered if you click on “ecovillages and resilient lifestyles” below. You only need to register once. If you are already member of the research group, we will send you the link for the next sessions automatically.

This research group is in kind cooperation with GEN.

2) Environmental data and citizenship science – Ali Akyol
3) Entrepreneurial Education/Entrepreunerial Universities – Shaun Bissett
4) Gaming as tools/Gamification – Prof. Jean Greyling
5) Female Entrepreneurship – Miriam Gerlach
6) Smart cities/Smart communities – Prof. Brenda Scholtz/ Dr. Ife Fashoro

If you want to join one or several research groups, please klick on the buttons below. If there is no research group fitting for you, but you´d still like to participate and get general info on the research group, please register as well.

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