Introducing the Teams at our Sustainability Camp @Maxixe: The Market Mamas

First week

After a long ride in one of the typical “my love “ minibuses, we arrived after dark in Maxixe, the economic capital of Inhambane. Waking up the following morning we realised that we had nothing in our fridge. So we decided to go to the supermarket, but soon discovered that this is not the place to get your fresh produce. One needs to head to the busy and crowded Tsula market, an open hall, where the so called market mama’s of Maxixe sell their goods.

Maxixe Tsula Market

The next day we where looking forward to meeting the students of the Univercidade Pedagogica da Maxixe (UP Maxixe) and getting detailed information about the local faced challenges, which the YEEES  Sustainability Camp is trying to address. One of the issues that the UP Maxixe had discovered was directly linked to the experience we had at the market. Looking at the market mamas we already saw that they are working in a highly competitive environment, since the selling activities are already expanded to the streets of Maxixe.

Market mamas selling in on the street

This caught our interest in working on this challenge. In order to receive an insight view on the topic, we decided to interview the market mamas with the aid of our mozambican groupmembers Munira and Edmilson. The interviews revealed that the problems the market mamas face are far more complex than initially thought. Many of the market mamas earn less then ⅓ of the minimum wage in Mozambique. With these earnings, they have to support their families resulting in no money  for business growth or savings. The lack of financial literacy is a major challenge in this environment. They manage their business from day to day. Within the next few weeks our goal is to find solutions to ensure sustainable financial stability for the market mamas.

The research Group: Franziska, Fenja, Edmilson,Munira, Leigh-Ann




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Our project specifically elaborates on the resilience of cities and peri-urban areas with a focus on diverse fields such as: education, sustainability, arts and creativity. We are committed to supporting the development of especially entrepreneurial and ICT-based solutions. „JOIN US FOR A 4-WEEK STAY IN MOZAMBIQUE!“ weiterlesen

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Connecting Research and Teaching

Two PhD students, Laura Stanszus from Berlin and Pascal Frank from Lüneburg, are currently working in South Africa on the topic of mindfulness training.

Mindfulness is shown as an important characteristic of sustainability entrepreneurs and the basis for developing social or environmental related entrepreneurial approaches. Connected to the German research project “eBINK”, Laura and Pascal work on offering mindfulness trainings in South Africa. While implementing this kind of teaching approach with the support of the YEEES Training Center, another focus will be set on research on the impact of mindfulness training. The new research project investigates the importance of affective-motivational learning concerning personal transformations toward more sustainable lifestyles leading to sustainable entrepreneurial activity. „Connecting Research and Teaching“ weiterlesen