Research Stay from Master Grantee Obrukevwe Okuah – Germany 2020

I’ve always wanted a chance to visit Europe for research and networking, and when the YEEES research grant was advertised, I applied immediately. I’m Obrukevwe Okuah, I completed my master’s degree in Computing Science from the Nelson Mandela University, South Africa. My research was topic was “A Social Media Method for Eliciting the Worldviews of Millennials on the Coastal and Marine Environment”.

I investigated various social media analytics approaches for eliciting worldviews from social media data during my research. During my research stay in Germany, I conducted a focus group discussion with social media experts on my proposed social media method. This method consisted of the use of Social Media Influencers and Social Media Analytics approaches. I learnt a lot from these experts, their feedback and comments helped shaped my thesis and improved the quality of my research.

The research stay wasn’t all about work, I had so much fun and we had the opportunity to go sight-seeing. I also met other researchers who introduced me to their research, we networked and shared connections with each other. Finally, I believe the YEEES program is a great initiative that enables researchers to travel around the world and conduct research. Thanks a lot for the opportunity.