Workshop: “How to create your own website for your social entrepreneurship ICT Solution”

During the YEEES Idea Jam, the team of the department of Very Large Business Applications of the University of Oldenburg gave an introduction to students of the seminar on “how to create their own website”.

After an initial lecture on the theoretical background of structuring a website and how to adress upcoming challenges in maintaining a website. Afterwards a brief introduction was given about the different contents a website may contain. For instance, a website could be divided in sites, categories and blog posts, pages or product pages including different types of medias.

Summarizing, the team introduced three types of content management system (CMS) and their benefits, as well as their special application fields, underpinned with practical examples. Namely, the introduced systems are WordPress, an allround CMS, the eCommerce store system Magento and Foswiki CMS.

In the afternoon the students accomplished a practical session by creating their own website, to transfer theoretical knowledge into practical experience. Concluding, we discussed the peter alexander principle on suitable ICT solution for each country.