YEEES Digital Camp – Corona Resilience Stories

Still open places for application! Apply now and join great sessions by experts in their area!

We invite students and PhD-candidates (and also other interested people such as entrepreneurs and aspiring business starters) to apply for our Digital Camp on Corona Resilience Stories, held from the 07th of January to the 28th of January 2021 (your presence is only necessary on a few days however, see more details below).

Over a period of four weeks participants will learn how to shoot a video or do a podcast with the help of tools and strategies learned during this camp and showcase stories of creative, innovative ways to fight the corona virus’ constraints and impediments on society and economy. There will be however only 5 days (“5 theory or input days”) in which your presence is required. These are distributed over these 4 weeks. Most important week in terms of presence is the second week of January 2021.

From research, story telling and marketing, with the help of experts in those field, we will provide participants with the necessary skills to produce videos and podcasts to bring their knowledge to life. Showcase the stories of innovative ways or strategies by entrepreneurs or organisations (or any other actors) in which they have handled the corona pandemic.

We will notify you about your acceptance soon.

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