YEEES Teaching Center invites to the ACADEMIC WRITING Class

The YEEES Teaching center offers a course about “Academic Writing” consisting of two modules (+ one live workshop). The two modules are: “The Art of English Academic Writing” and “The Art of Inspiring Academic Writing”. Places are limited and only with previous registration (see registration form below). The content of these two modules is conveyed via prerecorded videos which are uploaded on our learning platform/YEEES moodle (also access only via registration).

Trainer: Dr. Kimberly Crow specializes in assisting scholars who wish to improve their academic communication skills. The German-American social scientist’s workshops and coachings focus on a variety of writing and presenting skills as well as on intercultural communication and they address junior and senior researches from a broad range of natural and social sciences as well as the humanities. Her customers include scholars from renown research institutes, universities, and graduate centers. She is the author of “The Art of English Academic Writing”, “The Art of Inspiring Academic Writing”, “The Art of Captivating Academic Presenting” as well as “Englisch in Siebenmeilenstiefeln. Eine Entdeckungsreise”.

Modules Descriptions

The module“The Art of English Academic Writing” aims at improving non-native English speakers’ academic writing skills by highlighting typical features and composing elements commonly applied and expected by native speakers of English. Participants will be equipped with a broad variety of helpful techniques and they will have ample opportunity to ask individual questions. During the workshop we will

  • reflect on what it means to write an academic text in English
  • identify relevant characteristic features of English in English academic texts
  • highlight pitfalls that non-native speakers of English are vulnerable to when writing in English and introduce straightforward strategies to avoid them
  • present techniques for developing a fluent and lively academic writing style
  • introduce resources, aids, and strategies to help improve one’s own writing and methods to enlarge and retain vocabulary

The module “The Art of Inspiring Academic Writing” introduces academics to writing techniques that allow them to write about their research in a captivating way while adhering to the rather strict structure of academic contributions at the same time. It pivots around questions that will help them write about their research in a persuasive way and also offers guides that help maneuver through the different writing steps. Participants will know how to decide on their take home message, develop a strong storyline, establish stringent lines of reasoning, argue for their variable choices, arrange their arguments, come up with enticing titles, and know how to lend their contributions their voice.

Participants doing modules 1 and 2 can also be selected to take part at the live workshop. This workshop is on February 11th or  12th , 2021 (9:00-13:00 CET). Requirements for the live workshop are: Watch the two Modules in Video, plus prepare the exercises and send a sample page of a journal article until January 25th, 2021

Target Group for the workshop: PhD Candidates and researchers with interest in publications in English

Summary: You apply for 1) access to the videos of Module 1 + 2 + 2) participation of the live workshop.

Apply as soon as possible before places (for the access to the videos as well as participation for the workshop) are full.

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