Connecting Research and Teaching

Two PhD students, Laura Stanszus from Berlin and Pascal Frank from Lüneburg, are currently working in South Africa on the topic of mindfulness training.

Mindfulness is shown as an important characteristic of sustainability entrepreneurs and the basis for developing social or environmental related entrepreneurial approaches. Connected to the German research project “eBINK”, Laura and Pascal work on offering mindfulness trainings in South Africa. While implementing this kind of teaching approach with the support of the YEEES Training Center, another focus will be set on research on the impact of mindfulness training. The new research project investigates the importance of affective-motivational learning concerning personal transformations toward more sustainable lifestyles leading to sustainable entrepreneurial activity.

On the one hand, the workshops will give students as well as lecturers, researchers and practice partners the unique possibility to widen their horizon regarding their own individual transformation paths, both in their private lifes and in their studies and future careers. On the other hand, the eBiNK training will greatly benefit from the exchange with South African partners. Their shared experience and valuable feedback will broaden the scope of possible challenges and hurdles that need to be taken into account on the path to individual transformation towards more sustainable lifestyles (amongst other benefits). The training will consequently gain in depth as well as becoming more internationally applicable.

In addition, Pascal is doing research on sustainability initiatives focusing on individuals’ impacts through consumption and – this is particularly relevant for entrepeneurs – production within higher education in SA.