Research Stay from Master Grantee Daniela Rössing – Mozambique 2019

Research Stay in Mozambique (Maxixe)

Research topic:

“Female Entrepreneurship in Mozambique: What are the push and pull factors affecting accessibility to small scale entrepreneurship for Mozambican “rural” women?”

Research location:

Mozambique, Maxixe (July-October 2019)

University Pedagogica Sagrada Familia

My name is Daniela Rössing and I studied the master’s degree course “Intercultural Personnel Development and Communication Management” at the university of Jena. In 2019, I got the opportunity to spend three months in Maxixe (Mozambique) to collect data for my thesis. Additionally, I took part in the project STEP (Student Training for Entrepreneurial Promotion) as research assistant at the local university. Both missions let me dive into the area of entrepreneurial activities – with the focus on African, especially Mozambican, economy and society.

The study:

Mozambique is one of the poorest countries in the world. If one wants to fathom this, an explanation can be found in the high unemployment, which is characteristic for the entire African continent. To counteract this, entrepreneurship could provide a solution.

The aim of this study was to examine the field of Mozambican female entrepreneurs (in Maxixe) regarding the factors that influence and motivate them to run a small-scale business. The study focused on factors from the social, local, cultural, and individual context, which had to be investigated.

The results show that the social environment has a supporting function in opening and running the small business but is not necessary. Women are attributed a dual role in terms of their responsibility, as they must take care of the household and raising children in addition to running the business. The field of research influences the success on the business. It becomes apparent that the influence of finance and religion cannot be ignored.  Entrepreneurial education was not taught through school, but through experience. The women in Maxixe perceive equal rights and acceptance in society regarding access to the small business world. The attitudes and motivation of Mozambican women entrepreneurs are outstanding.